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season 1

On this week's Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Chirag, a sharp student is able to get through into the college of his dreams. But he falls in love with the college trusty's daughter. Now, what next?

Review S7-E1 PTKK

Niti Taylor and Siddharth Gupta are the hosts of the episode and the season. When the episode starts we see Niti Taylor as Vidhi who is admitted to a hospital because of her car accident. And in the car, Akash was also with vidhi who died after the accident. Akash was the Twin brother of Sid. Sid came to the hospital to talk to vidhi but vidhi don't want to talk to anyone. But then sid gives vidhi her favorite chocolate and after that, she talks to sid. When the nurse came in the room vidhi refuses to eat anything. To make vidhi feel happy sid starts to open Vidhi's favorite Fairy Tales but then vidhi says that fairy tales are not real, they are different from real-life truth. After accepting to vidhi sid tells her that he will narrate her a real-life fairy tale. He starts the story... The story begins in a college where we see the story's protagonist Chirag who is working on a laptop and making his project designs. Then came the villains of the episode Kalpesh ( son of school trusty ) and his friend ( son of school principal ). While working on the laptop Chirag was seeing Akshita Patel ( daughter of school trusty ) on Facebook but suddenly kalpesh and his friend came and then Chirag close the lid of the laptop and go back to his place. kalpesh and his friend are the roomies of Chirag. Kalpesh asks his friend that he ordered his shoes online but why they haven't arrived yet? His friend opens the laptop to see the online store but when he sees Akshita Patel on facebook and tell it to kalpesh. Kalpesh says to Chirag that she is the daughter of school trusty and he bets to Chirag that he will not be able to date her. The college principal then meets Chirag and give him the money for the project he has done. But Chirag refuses to take the money then the principal says that this project will be of kalpesh and for that, he is giving him money for his studies. After a thought, Chirag agreed. Then he asks the principal to change his room then the principal asks the problem of changing his rooms and tell him that both the boys came from a decent family, kalpesh is the son of India's biggest fashion designer and the trusty of the school and his friend is his own son. Then Chirag replies that he is not comfortable with both of them but the principal denies Chirag to change the room. Then Chirag moves out of the principal's room and meets the driver Salim Bhai. Salim is the driver of Akshita Patel and a good friend of Chirag. The driver plays a role like a magician in The Cinderella love Story. And here is the beginning of the scene when the love story starts...


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