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This week's episode of Pyaar tune kya Kiya is set in a college in Mumbai... Suhani is a brilliant student and has got admission in the college of her dreams. Suhani's father is a gardener in the same college. The day Suhani joins the college, that day her father warns her to not go to the other side of the college building where the principal's son Aryaman lives...He tells her that only he is allowed on the forbidden side and Aryaman never comes out of his room because of some reason. He also tells her that Aryaman loves roses... Suhani is extremely attracted by Aryaman's story. Slowly she realizes that people are really scared of Aryaman because of his face and they call him names like Shaitaan, etc...Then one day by the twist of fate Aryaman saves Suhani's life...Will Suhani be able to get past Aryaman's exterior and see the real and more humane sid . . .

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Niti Taylor and Siddharth Gupta are the hosts of this episode and the season. When the episode starts we see Niti Taylor as Vidhi who is admitted to a hospital because of her car accident. And in the car, Akash was also with vidhi who died after the accident. Akash was the Twin brother of Sid. Sid came to the hospital daily to talk to vidhi and tell her a fairy tale. And this time also sid came to meet vidhi and tell her a new real-life fairy tale of Suhani and Aryaman.

Sid starts his story as a long time ago there was a girl suhani ...

Suhani is a brilliant girl and because of her brilliance, she got admission to her dream college. In college, her father was a gardener.

After she started going to college she came to know that everyone is scared of the principal's son Aryaman. She doesn't know the reason why everyone is scared of him but she ignored it and concentrated on her studies.

One day due to some reason her college catches fire and suhani got unconscious. But when she gets up out of her unconsciousness, she was safe.

When she asked her father who saved her life, then her father says that Aryaman sir had saved her life.

To say thank you to Aryaman, suhani was searching everywhere for Aryaman but he is not in the college.

When she asked her friends Aryaman then she got to know that Aryaman never comes out of his room. He lives on the other side of the college building... 


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