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In this Episode of PTKK, Rupali loses her parents in a tragic car accident and has been raised by Sister Dorothy at St. Basilicas. Rupali is playful and mischievous like other teenagers in her college... Rupali befriends Laksh ( he can't see ) at a school fest... Laksh, who is visually injured is hypnotized by Rupali's voice and wants to paint her portrait. He is sure that by making Rupali's portrait, he will get the 2 lakhs prize money that he needs for his eye operation. Sushant who is the supporter of the fest and the competition has made interest in the past life of Rupali...Will Sister Dorothy be able to protect Rupali?

Review S7-E3 PTKK

Once again Niti Taylor and Siddharth Gupta are the hosts of the episode and the season. When the episode starts we see Niti Taylor as Vidhi who is admitted to a hospital because of her car accident. And in the car, Akash was also with vidhi who died after the accident. Akash was the Twin brother of Sid.

As always Sid is here in the hospital to tell Vidhi her favorite Fairy Tales.

He starts the story of Rupali and Laksh... The story starts in a college where the college has organized a fest and we see Rupali running behind a boy and enjoying but while running she crashes with Laksh and says to him "Are you blind, can't you see? ". But when the College fest starts we came to know that Laksh is a blind boy and he is here to win the competition to get the 2 lakh prize so that he can get treatment for his eyes. After hearing what laksh said, Rupali apologize to laksh for what she had said to him. Laksh is also mesmerized by Rupali's voice and asks her to make a painting of her face only by feeling her face. He believes that he will win the competition if he paints her face on paper. But Rupali doesn't agree. At night laksh come to meet Rupali in her room with the help of Rupali's friend. He is here to get the permission of Rupali to make a painting of her... Meanwhile, the warden of the hostel came and Laksh has to go out of Rupali's room. But in the night Laksh made a portrait of Rupali.

In the morning when the competition starts we all are able to get a look at laksh's painting. He had only painted Rupali's beautiful hair and had not drawn her face. But it was a very lovely painting. After that...

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