The Army Cadet love story

This is the very first episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya in which an Army cadet falls in love with a college girl (Chetna Pandey).

Every day he gets up and goes to see the college girl instead of going in his army cadet training.

His friends always say him to come on time but because of his love, he can't come on time. One day his friends forced him to talk to that college girl outside the temple but he was not able to talk to that girl normally because he was very nervous.

And in this nervousness, the girl started to like Sid. Now they meet regularly every day and on every occasion.

They both fall in love with each other but now Sid's army training has completed and he has been posted somewhere for 6 months...


Trip from Friendship to Love

In this Episode of PTKK, we will be talking about the friendship of Siddharth ( Namish Taneja ) and Alia               ( Siddhi Karwa ). They both are best friends and can't live without each other. Will Alia be able to realize that she loves Siddharth? Will their friendship be converted in love?

Will Siddharth be able to propose Alia? Will Alia accept the proposal of Siddharth? These are some questions of viewers and mostly the lovers of PTKK till the end of the episode. To know what happens, in the end, watch the full episode.


The Life of Actors

Against her parents wishes Ruhee ( Pratyusha Bannerjee ) with an engineering degree goes to Mumbai to make a career in acting. She didn't listen to her mother and leave her parents for her acting career. Here in Mumbai, she lives with her friend in her apartment. After getting a role they started to enjoy. Then one-day ruhee met Rajat who was also sacrificing for his acting career for 1 year without telling his parents. He says to ruhee that she is a lucky charm for him.

Ruhee started to like Rajat but soon something unexpected happened. Ruhee's friend likes a boy but her father gets to know all about her and came with his men to take ruhee's friend with him. Now Ruhee was upset because she has no place to live. She calls Rajat and Rajat comes immediately to take ruhee with him in his apartment. Soon they start living together. And then ...



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